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    Longenecker Evangelical Anabaptist Fellowship

    Lead Pastor Position

    The Lead Pastor works with the elders and church staff to carry out the daily mission of the church and gives guidance to other church leadership positions. The position is considered full-time, but other options may be available. Salary is based on responsibilities with consideration given to experience and education.  The Lead Pastor is accountable to the Board of Elders.

    The LEAF, formally known as Longenecker Mennonite Church, has a rich history dating back to 1830.  As our new name implies, we are Anabaptist and Evangelical, with an emphasis on bringing healing to a hurting world. We are part of the Evana Network and are Biblically grounded and friendly. We express our servanthood by meeting the practical needs of people in hard times. In 2016, our congregation built a brand-new facility located close to the old church.  It has worship seating for up to 300, a large gathering area, a Sunday school wing, a family life center, and a large kitchen. 

    Some call it Amish country; we call it home.  Nestled in the rolling hills of Holmes County, Ohio, is our country church with 3 small villages within 5 miles between the flat farm lands to our west and the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains to our east. The church is located south of Canton, east of Wooster, west of New Philadelphia and north of Millersburg, all about the same distance. We are in a community isolated from the normal everyday life of many Americans; it is peaceful and quiet tourists come from many miles to experience our way of life.

    Any interested candidates should contact our regional pastor, Jim Bartholomew (330-327-3669; [email protected]) or search committee chair, Ernie Raber (330-466-3793; [email protected]).


    A.    Qualifications

    1.     The candidate for Pastor will be a person who professes faith in Christ, gives evidence of a new birth experience and exhibits spiritual maturity.  

    2.     This person will have gifts of leading, teaching and encouraging the congregation and community. 

    3.     This person will be a member or associate member of the LEAF.

    4.     The candidate must be willing to commit to Evana Network’s covenant.

    B.    Appointment

    1.     The Pastor shall be called, licensed, or ordained by the Evana Regional Pastor and Board of Elders according to I Timothy 3:1-7. 

    2.     The call of the Pastor must be affirmed by at least 85% of the congregation.

    3.     The Pastorate is considered a full-time position, unless otherwise stated.

    4.     The Pastor shall serve for a period of time as agreed upon and approved by the congregation.

    5.     Salary, days off, vacation, and other benefits will be based on responsibilities with consideration given to the pastor’s experience, education, and previous effectiveness.

    C.    Responsibilities

    1.     Spiritual Health

    a.     Take time to maintain a healthy relationship with God.

    b.     Grow in knowledge through education (Pastor’s week, seminars, etc.).

    c.      Spend quality time with family and meet their needs.

    d.     Recognize the need for self-renewal under the direction of the Elder Board.  

    2.     Congregational Life

    a.     The pastor shall serve as a spiritual leader in the church.  He shall serve as a member of the Church Board, Elder Board, and Worship Ministries. He shall also give spiritual input to other ministries in the church when the need arises.

    b.     The pastor is responsible to plan and carry out the overall preaching/worship program of the Sunday morning worship services.  The pastor is encouraged to take off one Sunday per month from preaching (this is not considered vacation time).  The pastor and Elder Board are responsible for filling the vacancy of the pulpit.

    c.      The pastor will aid and promote the spiritual development of members through individual counseling, teaching classes, and other programs as appropriate or needed.

    d.     The pastor will encourage members to develop relationships with one another and to provide love and support to each other in daily life.

    e.      The pastor, working with the visitation minister(s) and other pastor(s), will develop and provide for regular visitation, giving special emphasis to prospective new members, those with special needs, and those in emergency or hospital situations.

    f.      The pastor will encourage communication throughout the congregation to ensure clarity and fairness on issues and to facilitate problem solving and decision making.

    g.     The pastor will regularly emphasize stewardship and commitment responsibilities to one another, the local church, and to both local and world missions.

    h.     The pastor will regularly emphasize the congregation’s and develop a peace emphasis program, to include special services around peace and justice themes.

    i.       The pastor will be responsible to plan and carry out the administration of the ordinances of the church at appropriate times, calling on the assistance of others as necessary.

    j.      The pastor shall conduct baptisms, weddings, and funerals for members as requested.

    k.     The pastor will generally be available in the church office Tuesday through Friday.

    3.     Evangelism

    1. The pastor will set an example for the congregation by the sharing of his faith in Christ, seeking to lead others to accept Christ in the same way, and by leading the congregation to establish effective witness and outreach programs.
    2. The pastor will identify concerns and opportunities in the community in which the congregation can respond and participate through witnesses and outreach.
    3. The pastor will work with the Missions Ministries to develop congregational awareness and support for world, continental, and local missions.

    4.     Larger Church Contacts

    a.     The pastor shall meet regularly with the Pastor/Peer Group, Evana Network and/or other local groups that would benefit the church, with the understanding that the Elder Board shall be consulted for approval prior to acceptance of responsibilities which may affect the time available for congregational duties.

    5.      Goals

    a.     The Pastor, along with the Elder Board, will develop yearly goals to help strengthen the congregation, the discipleship of members, and outreach in the community at the annual Pastor-Elder retreat.

    D.    Other Ministers

    a.     Other ordained or licensed ministers and the Administrative Assistant in the congregation shall serve under the oversight of the pastor as outlined by the Church Board along with the Elder Board.    

    E.    Accountability

    a.     The Pastor is accountable to the congregation through the Elder Board.

    b.     The Elders will annually evaluate the pastor’s ministry and direct the pastor in areas of strengths and weaknesses.  Along with this evaluation, the pastor’s job description will be updated according to the needs within the church.


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