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Welcome to the Evangelical Anabaptist Leadership Center! This is a place to find ministry openings and fill out an Evangelical Anabaptist Leadership Profile if you are interested finding a position. 

The Leadership Profile is an extensive online form used for persons applying to ministry or credentialing. Interested persons can save their work and return to it later. There is no charge to fill out the form and have it distributed to search committees. Please note that serving as a credentialed pastoral leader with Evana Network requires a commitment to the Personal Covenant.  

Assisting Search Teams

Evana Network is committed to helping church flourish throughout the search process. We offer two tiers of service for congregations with open positions: 

Tier 1 - Basic Support

Available only for full Partner Churches who have their leaders credentialed with us. This is available without any additional cost.

  • The Regional Pastor meets regularly with the governing board and search team (the church will cover travel costs)

  • Names are brought from Evana’s database of potential pastors

  • The church is responsible for all the active work involved with the transition and the Regional Pastor is there to assist in that process.

Tier 2 - Staffing Agency

Our premium level of assistance, Evana is working with John Troyer to provide staffing agency services through Thrive Leadership Center

  • Thrive Leadership Center facilitates the external aspects of the search process as a staffing agency, commencing an intensive search and working closely with your Regional Pastor or other denominational leaders

  • Advertising for the position in a variety of places

  • Structure and culture change processes as needed to help determine future directions and needs

  • Direct involvement in doing initial vetting of candidates

Open Ministry Positions

Listed below are the current open positions. Partner churches are welcome to post any openings they may have. If you have any questions, feel free to email [email protected]. If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please fill out a Leadership Profile


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