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    • 15 Sep 2020
    • 1:00 PM (EDT)
    • 31 Mar 2021
    • 3:00 PM (EDT)
    • 20

    The church is God’s foster care system. How can a local congregation best develop a strategy to support children and families involved in the foster care system? This course will provide:

    • ·        Best practices of church-based foster care ministries from across the country,
    • ·        A roadmap and handbook for getting started,
    • ·        Opportunities to meet and connect with other leaders involved in foster care support ministries,

    Who is this course for?

    Pastors and church leaders who are interested in starting a church-based foster care support ministry.

    Course facilitators:

    Wes Furlong, Ryan Keith, & Angela Bolo

    • 15 Sep 2020
    • 1:00 PM (EDT)
    • 31 May 2021
    • 5:00 PM (EDT)
    • 16

    This one-year cohort will offer a blend of in-person and online training and personalized coaching for early-career pastors in family ministry. Limited to 8-persons, this cohort is designed to strengthen your support network and engage foundational and critical concepts in family ministry today. This course will provide:

    • ·        3 2-day on-site meetings with guest speakers and personal coaching sessions
    • ·        One-on-one coaching sessions
    • ·        Online group meetings
    • ·        Private social networking site 

    Who is this cohort for?

    This cohort is designed for early-career pastors involved in Family Ministry.

    Dates: September, 2020 - May, 2021

    Cost: $2,000 covers all costs except transportation to in-person events.

    Scholarship support is available if needed.

    • 22 Sep 2020
    • (EDT)
    • 16 Mar 2021
    • (EDT)
    • 12 sessions
    • 18

    The events of the past six months and the upcoming presidential election in the United States has revealed the need for leaders and individual Christians to respond with truth and grace to a number of challenging topics including racial injustice, political polarization, and the coronavirus pandemic. How can leaders help guide their congregations through difficult conversations when many members hold opposing and competing views? How can individual Christians participate in discussions with others in ways that hold fast to the truth of the gospel while also demonstrating grace in winsome ways?

    This course will cover:

    • Group discussion of A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation by Wayne Jacobsen, Arnita Willis Taylor, and Bob Prater.
    • Principles and best practices for elevating conversation above partisan talking points in order to deepen relationships and witness more effectively to the gospel.
    • How to lead and use your personal influence as a follower of Jesus to reduce fear mongering, be a peacemaker, and join in God’s kingdom work in a time of high stress and anxiety.

    Who is this course for:

    While primarily designed for pastors and lay leaders seeking tools to help churches navigate through polarizing issues, any Christian interested in developing principles for healthy communication that honors God and demonstrates love for others can benefit from this course.

    Course facilitators: Matt Hamsher

    • 13 Oct 2020
    • (EDT)
    • 23 Mar 2021
    • (EDT)
    • 12 sessions
    • 18

    What does faithful and effective preaching require in a digital age? How does preaching relate to a church’s multi-media strategy? Who should your audiences include, and can you effectively communicate to diverse audiences? This course will cover:

    • ·        A summary of books on the topic of preaching in the digital age,
    • ·        Best practices for improving communication to church neighbors and non-members,
    • ·        A roadmap for developing and aligning a multi-media strategy,  

    Who is this course for?

    This course is designed for pastors with primary or secondary preaching responsibilities or leaders who sense a call to preach and teach.  

    • 14 Oct 2020
    • (EDT)
    • 24 Mar 2021
    • (EDT)
    • 12 sessions
    • 19

    ‘Getting to Impact’ is designed to help pastors expand and measure a congregation’s community impact. The course will provide:

    • ·        How to develop a clear and compelling mission strategy,
    • ·        Best practices for helping individuals discover and utilize their gifting and resources,
    • ·        A method to assess the congregation’s community impact,

    Who is this course for?

    Pastors and key leaders who are responsible for developing and overseeing a congregation’s local mission strategy. 

    Course facilitators:

    Wes Furlong & Gaynor Yancey, PhD.

    • 11 Feb 2021
    • 3:00 PM (EST)
    • 15 Feb 2021
    • 11:30 AM (EST)
    • Christian Retreat Center

    Join other pastors and spouses who are leading and inspiring others to reclaim the mission of radical hospitality and healing presence in their communities.

    This is the sixth year of the retreat. 

    It will be 5 days of renewal and equipping in beautiful Bradenton, Florida. The Christian Retreat Conference Center is located on banks of the Manatee River in East Manatee County, Florida. 1200 Glory Way Blvd, Bradenton, FL 34212

    Evana Network is hosting this retreat for leaders both inside and outside the network. Evana Network is a community of evangelical Anabaptist church leaders who are committed to community transformation.

Evana, P.O. Box 33, Millersburg, IN 46543 USA | [email protected]

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