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Who we are

Evana Network is a movement of pastors and churches who want to see God’s kingdom come through the power of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to see Jesus bring transformation to our local communities. We are evangelical Anabaptists who join with evangelical Anabaptist congregations, conferences and denominations to strengthen our witness.

City Flourish is an initiative of Evana Network that provides research and training for Christian community development. City Flourish focuses on impact evaluations, community mapping, consulting and education opportunities. We design innovative and empirically-sound research solutions for community development initiatives.

Together, City Flourish and Evana Network help churches and faith-based organizations know their communities inside and out, measure impact, and collaborate with Jesus’ redemptive work in the world.

What do Evana Network and City Flourish do?

We are a collaborative network and research center, walking with existing congregations, conferences and denominations to help make them stronger and to plan. Congregations, conferences and denominations can choose to directly contract with City Flourish for assessment and capacity-building tools. Evangelical Anabaptist congregations can receive these tools at discounted rates by choosing from a range of affiliation options with Evana. Either way, you will have the opportunity to access important resources to strengthen your leadership team, reach out to your surrounding community and lay the groundwork for flourishing in God’s kingdom.

Core Services

(Included at no cost and for a discounted rate to Evana Network members and partners)

Vital Impact Assessment

The Vital Impact Assessment Church Survey is designed to help churches measure what matters, both in the church and in the community you’re called to reach. For more info see cityflourish.com/vitalimpact-assessment.

Getting to Vital

We know that God changes lives! We know that He calls us to join Him in this work. How can we make sure that our ministries are fulfilling their intention? ‘Getting to Vital’ is an innovative 9-session course that helps conference leaders take their pastors through a monthly course that identifies and measures key indicators of life transformation in the church.

Mapping and Visualization

How do community assets compare to pressing needs? We can help you know your community inside and out and identify areas where you are likely to have the greatest impact.  View Community Mapping for Churches information >

Additional Services

Impact Workshop

The Impact Workshop is a one-day workshop that introduces participants to the templates and resources in ‘Getting to Vital.’ It can be customized for individual leadership teams or a small group of ministry leaders.

StratOP Consulting

StratOP is a strategic process that: gives you perspective on all of the strategic, financial, and operational parts of your church; helps you know where you stand; clarifies where you should go; and gives you a customized plan on how to get there.

Signature One

Signature One is a year-long transformation process for leaders that decreases drama, simplifies problem-solving, and guides toward a more purposeful life. The outcome is significantly increased effectiveness in church leadership. This process is done in partnership with InitiativeOne (initiative-one.com) and consists of 9 weekly group sessions with periodic follow-up for a year.

Accountable Leadership Consultation

The Accountable Leadership Consultation will help your congregation refine the culture and adjust the structure for better collaboration and effectiveness. When your culture and structure are both aligned toward the mission, you will have better decision-making and a better ability to support and launch new ministries.

Church Planting

We help congregations plant new churches with a clear focus and mission, using our research and development tools to ensure we use the best structure and accountability models.


Confessing Jesus Christ as our Savior and the Bible as authoritative in our lives.


Submitting to God and others in accountable relationships that foster obedience.


Caring for people with self-sacrifice and love.


Sent by the Holy Spirit's power to evangelize, heal, and make disciples in Jesus' name.



Jesus Christ is the heart of our faith and cornerstone of our lives.


We submit to the Bible as the authoritative guide for our lives.


We embrace the Anabaptist commitment to peace and nonviolence, with lives marked by discipleship, community, and evangelism.


We are passionate about sharing the Gospel with love and making disciples of Jesus with boldness.


We commit ourselves to accountable relationships to foster obedient living in a fallen world.


We bear witness to the Gospel by the way we intentionally care for people with self-sacrifice and love.


We seek the activities of God above human strategies.

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